We Provide Worldwide Support to patients and families impacted with Peroxisomal Disorders.

When the GFPD was incorporated and received its 501(c) (3) public charity designation in 2010, we were a small parent support group of approximately 50 families. Twelve years later, the GFPD connects more than 600 families from over 40 countries, and we have Medical and Scientific Advisers comprised of leading researchers and physicians in the field of peroxisomal disorders. Our biennial Family and Scientific Conferences bring together families and professionals from around the world to meet and collaborate on ways to improve the lives of patients with peroxisomal disorders.

We are Helping Hands

Our Mission

To improve the lives of individuals with Peroxisomal Disorders by funding research, championing scientific collaboration, and empowering families and professionals through educational programs and support services.

Our Work

Through these connections with medical and scientific professionals and family support networks, our foundation is a resource for families who have received a diagnosis of a peroxisomal disorder in the Zellweger spectrum.

Our History

In the days before the GFPD was founded, families were just beginning to use the Internet to connect, discovering that other families like theirs were out there. John Harris moderated a website and an email list-serve for families. 


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Registered Families

Over 1 Million

Invested in Scientific and Medical Research since 2010

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