The GFPD equipment exchange has been a hallmark program of our foundation since our incorporation in 2010. The program aids in matching families and patients with equipment or supply needs to other families or patients who have medical equipment they are no longer using to fulfill that need.

Please see below for equipment exchange forms and follow up with us via email at with any questions.

Form to donate items for the GFPD Equipment Exchange

Form to request equipment from the GFPD.

Form to request reimbursement of shipping costs from the GFPD.

​The GFPD Equipment Exchange is for free items only. No sales will take place through the Equipment Exchange program. Families can request reimbursement of up to $60 for items shipped through the equipment exchange program to other families.

Exceptions may be made on a one-off basis to provide reimbursement for larger items exceeding the $60 limit. Please reach out to us at the email listed above for circumstances requiring additional shipping costs beyond the $60 limit.