Art for Archer – Meridian, MS

Our community of Meridian, Mississippi came together on October 20, 2012 for Art for Archer. The idea for this event came from my own home life with my children. I would save all of their artwork from the year, and then we would have a small art sale in our home for friends and family. We would then choose a charity to donate the money to. I wanted my children to know their art is valuable, and can help others in need. Art for Archer showcased some of my photos, crocheted items, jewelry, art from my children, and many other donated arts and crafts.  Finding creative outlets to channel my heartache has been essential to me.  In a way, Art for Archer has allowed me to turn an ugly disorder and heartache into something beautiful and allowed me to do something for Archer and other children that share his disorder.


Art for Archer was covered by local news media.