Small Grants Available for PBD-ZSD Research

The GFPD is pleased to announce the availability of small grants. Grants are designed to assist investigators in obtaining preliminary findings, testing “proof of concept,” or conducting other research activities designed to prepare and support competitive, full-scale grant applications related to Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder – Zellweger Spectrum Disorder (PBD-ZSD).

Clinicians and researchers qualified in any aspect of PBD-ZSD may apply. The application should contain aims that are specific to PBD-ZSD. The period of the award will be up to 2 years in length, starting September 1st of the year that the application was submitted. Awards will be made up to $25,000 annually for direct costs. All applications will be critiqued and scored by an independent grant review board comprised of GFPD board members and independent medical and scientific personnel. Application deadline is June 14th, 2013.