GFPD Conference Scholarship Fund

If your family is NOT planning on attending the 2013 GFPD Conference, please consider
making a donation and/or participating in our campaign to help other families participate. Do you
have extended family members and friends who would consider making a small donation in honor
or memory of your child(ren)? We need your help as we establish the GFPD Conference Scholarship


It is the goal of the GFPD to make our conferences affordable to all, and we encourage all family
participants to seek out fundraising opportunities in the communities in which they live. However, we
know that some families may still need additional support in order to attend.


The GFPD Conference Scholarship Fund will be used to provide families with small scholarships (up to
$500) to help them offset the costs of travel, conference fees and lodging expenses associated with
attending the GFPD Conference. It is our hope that with your help the GFPD Conference Scholarship
Fund will be able to eliminate a portion of the financial strain that attending the conference can be for
some of our families.


How can you help?

• Donate via Causes through Facebook (here is a direct link to our GFPD Conference Scholarship Fund page), our website, or by mail.

• Spread the word through social media, email, and/or letter campaign about the GFPD, the conference, and the establishment of the GFPD Conference Scholarship Fund. Ask your friends and family to consider making a small donation in honor/memory of your child(ren)/family.

• Plan a fundraiser! Contact Melissa Gamble, GFPD Treasurer for more details and help getting started.