Dr. Joseph Hacia Creates Mosaic for GFPD Kids

We absolutely LOVE this beautiful image, created by GFPD Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Joseph Hacia of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Hacia presented the mosaic he created at the 2015 Family & Scientific Conference, where it hung at the entrance of the conference space for all to see. Featured in the mosaic are pictures of many children who have PBD-ZSD, overlayed by an image of balloons released at the memorial service of Ginny Gamble who passed away this spring. Dr. Hacia used more than 600 images in creating this memorial to children affected with PBD-ZSD.

We have so much appreciation for our community of researchers and clinicians who devote not only their professional talents to our cause, but their personal time and dedication to our families. None better exemplifies this relationship than Dr. Hacia, who is both a respected researcher and dear friend to many of us.