National Volunteer Week: Fast Five Questions with Bishop Kelley High School Junior Brian Limekiller

Tell me about the volunteer work you’ve done for the GFPD.

My school hosted a Pause for PBD event which I was able to organize where a bunch of students stuffed a ton of letters full of information for families affected by a PBD.

What is your favorite volunteer memory?

My favorite volunteer memory was jamming out to Christmas trap music with my friends that were at my table while we stuffed letters.

Why do you think giving back through volunteer work is so important?

I think giving back through volunteer work is important. It shows that you actually care about what you are volunteering for and you are doing it out of the kindness of your heart. If you do something to get paid you are not doing it because you want to “do good” you are doing it because you are getting paid.

What have you learned through volunteering?

There are a lot of things that I have learned from volunteering. One of them is how much of a difference people can make and another would be how volunteering makes you feel better about yourself.

What’s in the future for you Brian?

In the future I hope to go to either OU or OSU and be accepted into the President’s Leadership Council. While in college I plan to major in political science and after college I hope to get involved with planning and managing political campaigns.