MISSION HIGHLIGHT | Equipment Exchange

The GFPD matches families who have medical or therapeutic equipment they are no longer using with other families in need. Jessica Gill, mother of Gretchen, shares her experience about the support she received, passed on, after her daughter was diagnosed with a peroxisomal disorder.Find out more about the Equipment Exchange program here: https://www.thegfpd.org/equipment-exchange

“My Gretchen was diagnosed with Zellweger spectrum disorder when she was about six weeks old. Our lives were forever changed. We found the GFPD through a connection with another family, and that mom sent us some supplies and a special bed that would support Gretchen in the bathtub. We were so grateful to her for all the love and support she showed us. We had decided before Gretchen passed that when the time came, we would do anything we could to help other families.

That bathtub bed went to another GFPD family, the 4th GFPD family to use it. I asked them to pass it along when the time came, and of course they did. Our GFPD family is the one we never wanted to be a part of, but it’s the family we love and rely on. Gretchen was our angel and I’m so glad that during our short time with her, we were able to share her journey with this family.I wanted to help as many families as I could and thankfully my Mom and the GFPD took charge and got it done. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we could be making a big difference to another family who is going through what we went through.”