Meet 2020 Patient Ambassador, Anna Violet

After following a year in the life of Archer in 2019, this year, we will be getting to know 2020 GFPD Patient Ambassador, Anna Violet! There’s so much she and her parents want to share, but first we’re going to start with the basics. Check back to the GFPD blog for more updates about Anna Violet soon!

Birthday | March 25, 2019Likes | Blowing raspberriesDislikes | Bath timeFavorite toys | Anything that crinkles or super softPersonality | Happy, snuggly and wigglyFavorite color | PurpleTimes I make Mom and Dad crazy | When I lose my teeny tiny hearing aides in the grocery storeProudest moment to date | First time she rolledCoolest adaptive equipment | New stroller!Goals for 2020 | Work on sitting up and core strengthFavorite place visited so far | Washington D.C. for the GFPD Conference to meet all my PBD friends in personA message I want to send the world | “Don’t ever give up and live every single like it’s the last.”My family!

Dad – Eddie, Mom – Jennifer and big sister AbbyGrandparents | Granny, Grandpa, Ginny & Pa