Happy First Day of Summer!!

Happy first day of summer! Due to Covid-19, we haven’t been able to do a lot of things that we had planned since Anna Violet’s health is top priority. Just as things were looking up in our area, the number of new cases has increased causing reopening in our town to be put on hold. So even though our plans to visit family out of state have been suspended, we have been doing a lot around the house and outdoors.

Recently, Anna Violet was able to go on her first fishing trip. We had a picnic under a shade tree next to the lake as the wind blew gently, giving us all much needed fresh air. Anna Violet was fed through her g-tube as we enjoyed our lunch; and she got to feel grass for the first time as a lady bug tickled her arm. I would have to say her favorite part was taking a nap under that shade tree as daddy fed the fish and mommy caught tree branches.

During self-quarantine, Eddie has been working on things around the yard in hopes to make a safer and fun environment for Anna Violet to play. Some of the things we are working on are leveling the yard, putting in a wheelchair ramp and putting out a small pool for Anna Violet to have some water activity. The progress is slow, but steady. Even though this may not be the exact summer we had planned, we are still doing everything we can to make sure Anna Violet has an amazing time!

We are looking forward to Summer and new experiences with Anna Violet. Please continue to keep all GFPD Warriors safe by social distancing and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!