Letter: Pause for PBD, think of Ethan

Ethan has a contagious smile and laugh, despite the fact that PBD has caused him to have severe cognitive and physical delays. PBD (also known as Zellweger Spectrum Disorder) is a rare genetic condition affecting multiple organ systems in the body. PBD is generally fatal in childhood and has no known cure.Pause for PBD is a day that brings our family hope. The GFPD is an international non-profit that raises funds for research, promotes awareness, and supports families affected by PBD. On Oct. 5, we will be celebrating all that the GFPD has accomplished in the last seven years in moving towards a cure for PBD and all the beautiful children affected by this terminal condition.Raising public awareness truly makes a difference. It gives families hope and can lead to new, life-saving treatments. I encourage everyone reading this to get involved by visiting the GFPD website: www.thegfpd.org. or finding us on Facebook to learn about Pause for PBD events across the country and what you can do to support individuals and families impacted by PBD.