Tips for traveling with your GFPD Warrior this holiday season!

Traveling for everyone during the holidays can often be a stressful and frustrating experience. Add in the extra necessities for GFPD Warriors and it can become overwhelming. Our GFPD families have shared some of their best travel tips to help your travel go a bit smoother!

travel tips
  • In addition to medicine, bring extra supplies (e.g., hearing aid batteries, syringes, etc.) in your carry-on bag onto the plane. Check with your airline about medical bag allowance in addition to your limited carry-on luggage.
  • Use carabiners to hook feeding bags to the handle that is in the ceiling of the vehicle.
  • Bring along a mini white noise machine or a mini clip-on fan.
  • Create emergency contact cards that includes information about peroxisomal disorders in case of an accident and unable to communicate with emergency responders.
  • To help speed along the TSA security process, call ahead and ask the airline about their assistance options. You can also place all (medically necessary) liquids in a separate bag ready to hand over to agents for inspection, so you are not pulling items out from multiple places.
  • Ask hotel in advance about refrigerator/freezer options and let them know you need this for medical purposes. You can also request the hotel to place your ice packs (in bags with name on it) in a staff freezer. You can also use the hotel ice machines to refill bags and containers with good seals.
  • Take a picture of equipment before flight to document its condition.
  • Carry a few extra days of medication in case of delays and carry emergency medications on the plane with you.
  • Carry a towel or mat in bag to use for more sanitary diaper changing of older individuals.
  • Bring a pad to kneel on while helping your GFPD Warrior in the tub.
  • Bring along adaptive eating utensils or a set of silverware that your GFPD Warrior is comfortable using.
  • Call or message in advance about accessibility of showers and other spaces where you will be staying. Pictures may show a beautiful walk-in shower with seat but not show you a step or a door space that is not accessible for wheelchair and other equipment.
  • Bring your own safety bar/handrail with suction cups for additional support.
  • Bring power strips since there are rarely enough plugins for equipment, and outlets can also be hard to access when behind large and heavy hotel furniture.

We hope these travel tips help make traveling to see your loved ones this holiday season an enjoyable and smoother experience! Every little bit helps!

Jennifer Knox, parent of Charleston Knox- PBD Warrior Angel, gives tips for traveling with your Warrior this holiday season!