PBD-ZSD Treatment Guidelines published in collaboration with GFPD

In a years-long effort, GFPD Family and Scientific Liaison Dr. Mousumi Bose has headed up a collaborative project with the GFPD Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, to prepare treatment guidelines for the PBD-ZSD population. Dr. Bose explains, “The expertise and insight documented in these guidelines will be a tremendous resource, as local physicians and specialists will, for the first time, have access to best practices and information about treatment and patient outcomes.”


The manuscript, “Peroxisome Biogenesis Disorders in the Zellweger Spectrum: an overview of current diagnosis, clinical manifestations, and treatment guidelines” has been published online by Molecular Genetics and Metabolism and will appear in an upcoming volume of the journal. We are happy to extend our congratulations to the authors of this manuscript and appreciate the hard work that went into its development and publication.