Running for Riley to benefit the GFPD

Sunday, June 11th, the residents of Concord, NH will come together at White Park to raise awareness and help celebrate the strength and courage of Riley Duquette in the first annual Running for Riley race. Riley was diagnosed with Zellweger Spectrum Disorder soon after his birth, an extremely rare genetic condition that affects all the major systems of his body. Riley’s stepdad and event planner Shawn Moseley tells us, “our family has put together this event to help raise awareness for those families affected by rare diseases, and to celebrate the health of those fortunate enough to participate.”

Many organizations, businesses, and individuals have helped put this event together. Moseley shares, “We’ve really seen an outpouring of support from all over.” The City of Concord has provided their assistance, Saymore Trophies will be donating customized medals, and J.L. Sweets will be donating baked goods to race participants. At the local Middle School the Student Ambassador program has volunteered to help facilitate the event. Many parents, coaches, and other families are also planning to volunteer their time at the run as well.

Riley’s family has big plans for the future of Running for Riley. Moseley explains, “We hope to see the event grow and become a staple in our community each and every year bringing families together.” Online registration is closed, but you can still sign up to run at the event on June 11th! To read more about the event visit