GFPD Diversity Statement

At the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders, we realized early on that equity is a significant factor in the health, care and research needs of our patient Warriors and their families. Rare diseases already create disparities within our healthcare system, and we seek to do everything in our power to eliminate the barriers to care and to research.

GFPD Diversity Statement

We also recognize the long-term effects of lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in not only our healthcare systems but in our society. We believe that our organization must focus on a more equitable landscape for our patients, their families, researchers, healthcare providers, educators and all individuals involved with our mission.

We have recently made a more concerted effort to “bake in” diversity, equity and inclusion into our mission and values. Our Diversity Committee was formed in 2020, and one of the first tasks of that group comprised of families, board members, and scientists was the creation of this important statement regarding inclusion at the GFPD:

Peroxisomal disorders impact individuals of every race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, belief system, ability, and age. Using our values of inclusion and community as our guide, The GFPD is committed to promoting acceptance and advocating for equality and equity in healthcare and educational settings while combating prejudices, discrimination, and biases. We will engage in this important dialogue with our diverse community by listening and learning from our families, researchers, and professionals.

We know this is the beginning of very important work as we move forward. Inclusion is one of our organizational values, and we will continue to promote and champion equity in our mission, our programs and our research.